„A new method for sugar juice purification using reclaimed (recycled) calcium compounds (Ca) and a progressive system for saving production costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in sugar (sucrose crystal) production from beets and in refining any raw sugar, especially from sugar cane.“

The RECLIME® Method uses milk of RECLIME® at raw sugar juice purification. It consists of reclaimed and hydromechanically processed compounds of calcium chemically doped with milk of lime. The RECLIME® Method is able to reduce the total consumption of lime (CaO) down to 0.3 - 0.7% on beet depending on beet quality. By contrast it takes about 1.0 to 1.8% on beet of lime (CaO) use in most sugar factories to ensure good filterability of sugar juice, while up to 2.5 % on beet with damaged beet.

Benefits of using the RECLIME® Method for sugar juice purification:

  • Reduced raw limestone consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced coke consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced milk of lime consumption of up to 70%;
  • Reduced levels of carbonatation sludge (lime cake) discharge of up to 70%;
  • Reduced number of filter press cycles required of up to 70%;
  • Reduced loss of polarization sugar in the carbonatation sludge (lime cake) of up to 70%;
  • Reduced amount of added water used for carbonatation sludge (lime cake) desweetening and for lime (CaO) slaking in the lime slaker of up to 70%;
  • Reduced number of returned thickened portions (from decanting centrifuges, sludge thickener filters, vacuum filters, etc.) of up to 5% on beet;
  • Reduced energy consumption for thin juice evaporation of up to 5%;
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions of up to 10%;
  • Reduced electric power consumption needed for pumping the carbon dioxide of up to 70%.

Other benefits of using the RECLIME® Method for sugar juice purification:

  • Balanced and accelerated beet processing due to improved filtration after the first carbonatation;
  • Accelerated settling of the first sludgy carbonatated juice inside the decanting centrifuge (up to 6 - 12 cm in the 1st minute);
  • Reduced electric power consumption needed for pumping the materials and reduced wear on the pumps because of reduced material flow at purification;
  • No waste water is created when using the RECLIME® Method;
  • Possibility for doubling the processed beet capacity without increasing the capacity of lime kiln and lime slaker;
  • Simple and fully automated equipment operation of the RECLIME® Method;
  • Increased sugar factory competitiveness due to savings to costs of production.

Increased decantation and carbonatated juice filtration efficiency is achieved when using the RECLIME® Method. One significant advantage is that the RECLIME® Method enables processing of low quality or even damaged beet with 78% raw sugar juice purity (Q) without limitations to decantation and filtration after the first carbonatation.

Our company cooperates with the most prominent Czech academic institutions to tackle key issues and study principles of the RECLIME® system, in particular:

  • studying chemical reactions inside the reactor and development of the new compounds of calcium (Ca++) with high adsorbent, aggregation, response, and crystallizing capabilities;
  • determining interdependency and influence of time, temperature, and preliming pH of raw sugar juice on the structure, shape, and size of the colloidal precipitates and on settling and filtration capacity;
  • evaluating effects of temperature, pressure, density, and viscosity of the thickened portions on the size, ability to aggregate, reactivity, and electrokinetic potential of the calcium compounds particles (Ca++) obtained by the hydromechanical processing on the recycler (hydrocyclones);
  • the technological processes and proposal of suitable technical equipment for separating pre-clarified precipitates and checking the operating conditions during the course of the chemical reaction in pre-clarification when processing and cleaning raw sugar syrup using RECLIME® milk.                                 
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